The Gauntlet

This outdoor course will test everyones agility as they traverse through 16 elements attempting to never touch the ground and to see who can be the champion with the fastest time. This area usually ends with the group heading across the adjacent rope bridge over the “Swamp”. Muddy shoes are usually the outcome with stories being told within the group for years to come. This is what it is all about to join in the best Christian Church retreats, Illinois or Wisconsin. 6-24 people per 1.5 hour session.

One has never experienced an obstacle course like The Gauntlet! This has been constructed and built by Dickson Valley Staff. This challenging obstacle course is located in the woods near the Rope Bridge. It features a short zip-line, an 8 foot wall, a Tarzan walk, tire crossing, and several other very challenging elements.

The idea is to start at one end of this course and go through each element without touching the ground. Keep track of every time the ground is touched so it can be done again to see if the score can be beat.