Tube Hill

Our super fast snow tube hill has always been a hit for our winter retreats. Snowmaking equipment makes for well groomed and fast run, and the rope tow makes the ride back up just as enjoyable. Join in the best Christian Church retreats, Illinois or Wisconsin for some great winter activities. 6-30 people per 1.5 hour session.

Don’t forget your scarf and gloves because you’ll be in for a wild ride on our amazing tube hill!

We provide the tubes for a fun experience.

You can do this activity even after the sun sets since the area is equipped with lights. You are in for a treat if you would do it at night because we now provide disco tubing. We have flashy discos lights accompanied with chillin 80’s music!

For a more enjoyable experience there is a rope tow that will pull you back up to the top of the hill.

What if there is no snow on the ground where you live? No worries, we are able to make our own snow so as long as it’s cold enough outside.