Dickson Valley Camp & Retreat Center is a Christian facility covering 160 acres along the Fox river in Northern Illinois. Our core purpose is to serve churches in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and ministries from across the country. Our property is mostly wooded with open activity areas, lodges are year-round very comfortable dorm style housing, and our activities are focused on providing young people with new and challenging opportunities. Our staff live out our core value of service as we take care of the needs involved in running retreat and camp ministries.

Please review these answers with all your leaders and group members.

Please check in with your host at the program office upon arrival (located in the upstairs level of Chrouser Lodge).

For the safety of both campers and your vehicle, please park only in the guest lot except when loading and unloading vehicles.

Camp Map

Set Meal Times
Breakfast – 8:30 AM / Lunch – 12:30 PM / Dinner – 5:30 PM
*Please Note: During the summer, breakfast is at 8:00 AM.

Group Leadership And Supervision
At least one adult must stay in each dorm room, and all activities, whether or not a DVC staff member is present, must be supervised by an adult group member.

For safety and cleanliness, pets are not permitted on camp property.

Quiet Hours And Curfew
Quiet hours on camp property are from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Everyone must be in lodges by 1:00 AM unless an approved supervised program is scheduled.

Wear appropriate gym shoes (no cleats), no food, gum, or drinks in the gym. Gym closes at 1:00 AM.

No food, gum, or drinks in dorm rooms; these are allowed only in meeting rooms.

Conduct And Dress
Dickson Valley Camp is tobacco, drug, alcohol, and weapon free property. Our staff desire to build this ministry on basic biblical standards for godly Christian character and behavior and we ask that you dress modestly, and that you refrain from swearing and crude conversation.

A phone is available in the upper level of Chrouser Lodge. Dialing an internal extension will reach your host at any hour and any calls to an outside number should be for, or supervised by, leaders only.

First Aid And Prescription Medications
DVC does not have an onsite nurse. Each group must bring their own first-aid kit and designated coordinator. All medications must be in the care of an adult.

Lost & Found
Clothing and similar items are kept for one month before being donated to charity. Electronics and film are saved for two months after camp/retreat. DVC does not mail lost and found items.

Air-Soft Guns
Unless air-soft has been pre-approved by DVC Program Coordinator, these are not allowed at camp. They are never permitted to be used in building and will be confiscated by DVC staff should unauthorized or indoor use occur.

*Dickson Valley reserves the right to charge a facilities fee for any irresponsible or negligent behavior resulting in damage to camp property.