Dickson Valley understands that families sometimes face difficult financial decisions.  We don’t want ANY child to miss out on a life-changing week at camp because of the cost.  To assist families in need we have developed several options, which can be combined.

Option #1    Payment Plan

We will gladly assist you in setting up a payment plan to spread the cost of camp out to lessen the impact on any one pay period.  To set up a payment plan simply contact the office at Dickson Valley.

Option #2    Local Church Sponsorship MATCH

We would love to cooperate with your local church in making camp more affordable.  Dickson Valley will match your church’s sponsorship up to one-fourth of the camp tuition.

Option #3    Dickson Valley Scholarships

Through the generosity of the Friends of Dickson Valley we are able to offer financial assistance to families in need.  Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need up to one-half of the camp tuition.

Scholarship Procedure

If you wish to apply for a Friends of Dickson Valley scholarship, follow these simple steps:

  1. register your camper for camp(s) – applications are ONLY reviewed for registered campers
  2. fill out the Scholarship Application below
  3. submit your application

When we receive your scholarship application our scholarship committee will determine the amount of your scholarship.  We will let you know the amount of the scholarship and the balance due, if any.

If your local church is able to sponsor your child for camp, please fill out the “Sponsoring Church Information” in the application form (below)  Please instruct your church to forward their sponsorship check directly to Dickson Valley.