Sarah:“God taught me to never lose faith”    Tim:“I was challenged to serve others and have faith and trust in God”    Zach:“I wish I had more time there”     Jason:“God strengthened my faith and taught me how fun it is to serve”    Natalie: “My faith most definitely got stronger”    Chris: “Words used by students were: ‘Awesome’, ‘Life-changing’, ‘Great’, ‘Cool’‘I became a Christian!’”    Kyle: “I love and miss DVC. Great history of God’s work there.”

All funds donated to Dickson Valley Ministries go to support more kids at camp so that the Gospel of Christ can be shared, taught, and lived with each one. It is not a stretch to say that young people of today are experiencing distractions like never before. The need to get more kids out to camp, disconnected from the noise of the world, is becoming a real necessity for this next generation. Friends like you continue to provide life-changing experiences for more kids each year.


Camper Support

Currently, the requests for financial help to attend summer camps is reaching $5,500 per year. Our purpose dictates that no kids will be denied a camp experience because of cost. The Aunt Dot Scholarship Fund is set up to cover $2,000 of that each year plus any additional amounts which come into the fund the year before through designated gifts. Giving to this fund before December 31 will help more kids attend Dickson Valley summer camps in 2019.


Capital Improvements

The staff and board of Dickson Valley have developed a long-range plan to minister to more kids and improve the facilities for enhanced ministry experiences. These projects will help eliminate wait lists for some programs, enhance the usability of year-round lodges for church groups, and allow the staff to develop more effective programs. Gifts given before December 31 will provide the budget for projects to be worked on the next year. The first projects on the long list the 2019 Development Projects are:

  • Upgrades and improvements to 3 key activity areas
  • Day camp picnic tables, Chalet Bunks
  • Beach 2.0 and other day camp activities and resources
  • Kitchen dishwasher and dish-room updates for increased usage
  • Dickson Lodge meeting room addition and leader rooms
  • Day camp activity pavilion with restrooms and changing areas


General Fund

The DV Partners Fund is our unrestricted fund which the board can direct toward day to day needs and projects like developing staff, activities, and programs. Dickson Valley does not have any mortgages and does not spend any of these funds on interest payments or items which do not promote ministry. These funds directly keep camper fees as low as possible.