Note: Our offices are open Tues – Sat and we are making new reservations and working on schedules. Feel free to call with any questions, we are isolated here at camp every day and would love to talk!

Like you, we are aware of the situations surrounding the covid-19 spread and the concerns over travel and gathering together. Our own families have been impacted and are adjusting to the new “norms” in our daily lives. We pray this could be a time where fear is pushed aside by a strengthened faith we have in Christ our provider, comforter, and healer.

In the past few weeks, as we have monitored the situation, we have taken extra measures to help decrease any spread within the camp. Such things as adding additional alcohol-based sanitizer dispensers in all the buildings and updating staff on the needs are a few. We have continued our regular practice of wiping down bunks and all touched surfaces and increasing the cleaning repetition and our vigilance.

Spring around Dickson Valley is not only a time of preparation for summer camps but also a busy retreat time. We have been empathetic to the decisions leaders are wrestling with about upcoming retreats and praying that we could help in this time of need. We have worked to appropriately cancel and rebook our Spring retreats and adjust schedules accordingly.

As parents are preparing for summer camps we expect there will not be any impact on the schedules or availability. We are currently preparing for summer staff training and will be including heightened awareness of disease transmission and addressing the social fears which may have increased in the lives of our campers. We will also follow directions from our local and state public health officials, as well as from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We are praying that during this challenging time of uncertainty you can find hope and comfort in the love of Christ and His certainty.