Archery & Slingshots

This six station range provides a good challenge to bring out the Robin Hood in you. The DV staff instruct everyone in the proper techniques and practices to have the potential for a bullseye every time. An adjacent slingshot range is available for those waiting a turn and allow everyone to try their hand at shooting small rocks at the old west town facades. Join in the best Christian Church retreats, Illinois or Wisconsin. 6-24 people per 1.5 hour session.

Ready, Aim, Fire! The Archery course is tucked away on the trails. Guests are given brief instruction and safety tips on how to properly shoot a bow and arrow. They are then given the chance to try out their skills on the Archery Range. In the controlled environment with Dickson Valley Staff present, the activity is completely safe.

Up to six people at a time will have the chance to hit one of three targets. With enough practice it is likely that someone could get a bulls eye!