River Canoe Trips

A four mile river trip starting at a nearby state park and ending at the camp. This activity provides a fun way to get away from the main camp and enjoy the company of canoe mates and the larger group as you paddle down the river. The Fox river is considered one of the best canoe rivers in Illinois and provides a very safe and scenic trip usually involving some splashing and great wildlife sitings. 12-30 people per 2 hour session.

Canoeing is a fun and challenging activity, especially if you decide to do the river canoeing experience. It is not required to be a professional at this; in fact this is a chance for people who have never done canoeing to try this activity. Join in the best Christian Church retreats, Illinois or Wisconsin.

Your group will take a ride in Dickson Valley’s bus and be transported over to Silver Springs State Park where they will go over the proper canoeing techniques and drop you off along with your canoes. Your group will then travel on a 4 mile journey on the Fox River till you get to the canoe landing on Dickson Valley property.

Typically the canoe experience will last for about 2 hours. The group size is usually 30 people with 3 per canoe (10 canoes in all). This activity is weather permitting and also depends on the level of the river.